Aliexpress LED Scuff plates

2017 CX-5 GT AWD
I have ordered from aliexpress before. Some vendors require you email a picture of your drivers license, and approval can take longer then you like, but in the end it works out.

Wiring i have no idea. The sill cavity (top of the rocker panel) should be hollow to the A/B/C pillars - but you have to really check the wiring diagram. A lot of the modern wiring is via the CAN bus, so instead of the door switch actually controlling power to say the dome light, the door switch signals the CANbus and that it turn sends power to the dome light on a different circuit.

I would spend time trying to determine wiring before you order these, just so you don't wind up stuck.


San Antonio, Texas
'15 CX-5 Miata AWD
I had something similar on my last cx5. Aliexpress is pretty legit, never had my dl asked for nor would I provide it lol. Pretty much just wire them up to the dpme light.