Air conditioning leak? maybe the evaporator?

Mazda cx-9 2008
Welcome. Colleagues, I have a problem with climate. One service found a leak on the tube under the coolant tank. The repair was carried out but after a month the air conditioning is poor. The second service found no gas but found no more leaks. Filled with dye nitrogen. I have to use the air conditioning and come to check it in a week. Have any of you had a problem with the cx 9 evaporator? Our cars have 2 evaporators and I'm afraid I may have a big problem because there is a leak under the dashboard.
mazda cx-9, lux
i believe that i have the same issue, i have recharged the ac twice and it stays cool for a week. im told that the smell of band aids is the freon, which my car smells like. i really need ac here in florida but i fear the repair cost for this.