Aftermarket Remote Start

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So, I am going to go with the Drone Mobile system from Compustar. I've heard and read good things about it, so we will see how it goes :) $465 installed. Not too bad.

Great choice, i did the same,
also ask your dealer to program the aux 1 and 2 channels.
You can do things like open windows, moonroof, etc


What ever you buy make sure its a product that does not shut off when the door or hatch is opened. I had the dealership use a local installer to just add the service to the existing fobs which was all I wanted. I had no idea it would shutoff when a door or rear hatch was opened rendering it mostly useless. They say its so the car wont be stolen. Big Brother looking over our shoulder again. Let us make our own decisions please.


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Mine works that way. I have no issue with it.
Why is it useless to you now?
Mazda 2017 CX 5 GT
Installed Fortin EVO One in to my CX5 had few issues but got them sorted out except one I get an error when using cruise control it says “Mazda cruise control can not be activated when speed is lower then 20mph) but at the time I get this error I’m traveling above 50mph and the cruise control can be set and works good it just this error on display that doesn’t go away, if someone knows how to fix it, please let me know.