Aftermarket Mazda radio harness with full pinout?

2006 Mazda 5
Hey, I am looking for an adapter to add an aftermarket stereo. There are plenty but all I can find only partial pin-out, supporting power & speakers.
I'd like to get loose ends from the steering wheel controls in there as well if possible - because I am lazy.

For reference:
2010 Mazda 5 sport
Crutchfield sells a harness with the steering wheel control harness/module wired into it. Just did the install on my 2010 and couldn't be any happier with the outcome.. You do still have to splice together your aftermarket harness to this one but its color coded so that's pretty straight forward.
2006 Mazda 5
Thanks, I'll check that option out.
I already have a box for the steering wheel controls, guess I started with the wrong part there but it was $20 on Craigslist for a new AXXESS ASWC-1.

Dig, dig.. mh hm, Newegg has the Crux adapter for $65. I guess at that price point I won't mind the fiddling for two extra cables on a $5 adapter.
2006 Mazda 5
Yay, Crux sent me just the adapter for a fee.
20mins of wire splicing, soldering and shrink-tubing later I have a complete harness.

Crux uses the SAME plug as Axxess Metra however the pinout is pretty much the opposite.
Hi Primergy,

Have you installed this yet, and if so, does the dash display work? I'm looking at the same adaptor on Crutchfield and there's a note that says the factory dash display will be lost.

I would much rather keep the dash display functional.

- Chris
2006 Mazda 5
Sorry for the delay.

Correct me if I am wrong. I am pretty certain there is no way around loosing the dash display with an aftermarket stereo. On mine, only the clock remains but it is a base model with few option to begin with.
This would be regardless of any aftermarket adapter harness I have seen.
There are options to wire up a USB AUX in though. Depending on what you are looking for, maybe that is enough.
2006 Mazda 5
Mine is a 2006 and it does not look like PAC-Audio offers any functionality beyond the steering wheel functionality for me.
I think all I am missing on the LCD is the info from the factory stereo and the aftermarket has it's own.
2012 Mazda5
Mine is also a base model, 2013. I don't care about the radio info being displayed, but I'd like to keep the thermometer and climate control displays working.

After some searching, I may have found a solution. This is a radio interface designed and mapped specifically for Mazdas - when I'm ready to do the job, I'll install it:
Was hoping to learn whether this worked for you or not.
2014 Mazda 5 Sport 6MT
Climate control and thermometer display still work with a radio replacement. There's just nothing where the radio info usually shows track/station info.
Aftermarket Mazda radio harness with full pinout

but with an aftermarket one

i can keep the steering wheel controls and they will work on the aftermarket deck 10 dollar adapter
i get better sound quality most likely..
i canplay mp3s and vcds and dvds and wmas and get sat radio and easily hook up my ipod
Mazda 5
make sure you get the harness that has label "steering wheel control"
I bought mine only $5 and it works well with the steering wheel control


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