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Aftermarket Mazda 3 exhaust installed

Since we are stuck at home with the stay /work at home advise, I have a bit of time to post this.

Big thanks to my friend Daniel for his help with the install.

I have a 17 mazda5 GT 6mt ( last model year in Canada is 17), and manual available in both gs and gt.
I recently acquired a corksport power series 60mm exhaust for gen 2 mazda3 sedan. In general, the exhaust fits but a few modifications are needed. There seems to be lack of information on what mod is needed so I'd share what I found here. Its probably applicable to CR models as well since i had an 07 and the underside looked about the same.

- all the hangers except the one after second cat needs to be relocated. So the ones on the corksport exhaust were cut and welded in the proper position.

- the pipe needs to be lengthened after the bend besides the fuel tank to accommodate the extra wheelbase, before the curve up over the rear subframe.


- The corksport exhaust from the sedan had a long straight pipe before the tip for the trunk. A piece was measured, cut and welded to the mid section, and then the tip welded back on.

- The second silencer was quite large and the space beside the fuel tank is tighter, so the silencer needs to be placed lower to avoid hitting anything.


- since the hangers are off, the space can be adjusted before welding them back on.

- extending the pipe also has the benefit of allowing the axle back piece to rotate and properly clear the subframe before welding it back on. Ended up having quite a bit of room.


- the tip would have extended past the bumper without shortening the pipe.


- the slide on connection in the front is the same size as the 3. I got the test pipe as well but decided to leave the cat on.

- corksport exhaust is loud, sounds awesome but loud. Also there is droning @ 2k rpm and 3k rpm, both under accel and overrun. I will put a bolt on silencer that you put inside the exhaust tip and see if that helps, if it doesnt soften the droning, then the exhaust is coming off.
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