Aftermarket Exhaust

What exhaust should i put on my p5. i want to put a ford focus rs cat back on, but i want to know other options tht would sound better. sending links would be better. 😬😬
What is your goal? power gain or noise? They are generally an exclusive OR.

That said, on a normally aspirated car there is not much to be gained by screwing around with the exhaust system.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
Apparently, a 4-2-1 header provides the best flow and can increase horsepower.

You can also get a high-flow cat and a larger diameter exhaust but as far as I know they both only makes a difference at high RPMs.

You can also delete your pre-cat (which is what a header would do) but then you have to deal with a P0421 CEL.
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I have not had mine on a dyno but after out in the AEM CAI noticed a big difference in torque, gas milage, and better pick up at higher speeds dropping into 4th or 3rd