Aftermarket cargo cover for a 2015 Mazda5

2015 Mazda 5

I'm the owner of a 2015 Mazda5 that we just purchased last Monday.

We'd like to get a cargo cover, but the ones that I see from the dealership are $180+ and we don't have that kind of money right now.

Can anyone recommend a cheaper aftermarket cargo cover that works well?


Mazda 5
I'm curious about this too, especially if this cover cuts down on the road noise which I find excessive at hiway specs. I would pay the 180 if it does
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Old question, I know. But for future reference, I have a 2010 M5 and got a retractable tonneau/cargo cover from eBay for about $70 shipped. The OEM tonneau is listed on eBay as fitment for 2006-2015, and if that's true then the aftermarket one for the 2010 should, I presume, fit as well - however, I don't have a 2011 or newer to test it on, just so's ya know.

I did discover that it will only cover either behind the third row to the hatch or behind the second row to the hatch; it does not stretch all the way from the hatch to behind the front seats, in case that matters to anyone.
I have a cargo cover and some other stuff I want to get rid off from my 2007 mazda5.

1. K&N Drop in filter with cleaning kit/oil.
2. 3 oil filter cartridges (paper)
3. Mazda5 cargo cover.
4. Bike carrier (sportsrack 2 bike platform mount)

The car is sold 3 years ago and these are just laying around.
If anybody interested let me know.
Everything for a case of beer...
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