Aftermarket alarm on the P5, anyone?

I am thinking of installing and aftermarket alarm on my P5. I would like to have anti-tilt and glass breakage sensors. Has anyone installed an aftermarket alarm by themselves? Looking at the P5 FSM, looks like the door lock and the keyless modules are on the drivers kick panel. Is it easy to integrate an aftermarket alarm into the P5?
Holy moly, found this right here on Mazdas247! Mang, this forum is sure epic! It could possibly make me closer to installing my own aftermarket alarm bymyself...
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Have done an aftermarket alarm in my daily P5, it's a bit of a bear but not too bad if you can sort out the factory wiring for the door motors and switches. Power can be grabbed from behind the fuse box behind the kick panel.

I unplugged the bump/tilt sensor because it kept going off when the neighbour's cat jumped on it. :D

Be aware some alarm companys will NOT give wiring diagrams for their alarms to home gamers!