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Advice on front bumper and lights

After grocery shopping I exit to find my 03 P5 was hit crushing my left light assembly, bumper, and twisting the radiator crossmember. There are no p5s anywhere to e found. Is it possible to swap for other protege parts?
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2001 Mazda SP20 323
Front rad support should be the same for all proteges, bumper, lights and grille are pro5 specific and can cost a whole bunch more than the standard stuff :( the radiator is different between manual and auto cars and it may be different to other proteges as well.

I know the pain, my car has similar damage and will most likely be written off by insurance
Dallas, TX
2003 Protege5
Can he convert to sedan parts? I've seen some discussion on forums about people trading their P5 headlights for sedan ones. The headlights won't be a direct swap because the sedan uses a combined high/low bulb and the P5 uses separate high and low bulbs. An adapter may help there, or just splicing wires.

Or you can just replace the broken headlight with a CAI port for moar powa. ;)

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