Advice for replacing brake pads on 2017 M6T

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I have a 2017 Touring with 57,000 miles and I’m replacing the front brake pads & rotors this weekend. I’ve done brakes twice before on a Ford Expedition 2008, so I kind of know what to do. Rear pads still have 50% so I’m waiting.
I bought Centric C-Tek rotors and Posi Quiet Pro Pads from RockAuto.

A couple of questions:
Should I bleed the brake fluid & replace? Never done it but seems straightforward after reading stuff posted here & other forums.
If so do your recommend the gravity drain/ 2 person method or use a pump like the clerk at Advanced Auto showed me?

should I use anti seize on the back of the new rotor? Like Permatex

I am replacing the caliper pins and boots too. Is Permatex Ultra okay for lubricating them? It's readily available at Advanced

I will bed them after replacement per several posts I've read.

thanks for your feedback and any recommendations.
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57k miles yeah I'd bleed the brakes. I used this product and vid to do a 1-person job

I high recommend getting two products: Any cooper-based antisieze and any high temp silicone grease like Silaramic Brake Grease.

**Important** Only use High temp silicone grease for lubricating pins. Why? non-silicone lubs may not be compatible with the rubber boots and o-rings on the pins.

Copper Antiseize for backing of pads and tiny tiny bit on edges of pads where they slide unto the brake pad hardware (sliding clips).

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