Advice for new 2018 GT Owner

I saved 5-6k purchasing an 8 month old former rental 2019 GT. Serviced by the Mazda Dealer routinely (twice) before I purchased it with 13k miles.

I take the trade off of saving thousands vs paying new. After owning a few "new" cars in my life I've realized the depreciation hit wasnt worth the new factor.
Having a remaining factory warranty is nice and offers piece of mind.

Not everyone can part with 30k for new CX5GT, 1-2 year old models are selling in the mid-low 20's are a very attractive option and lower cost of entry into the CX5 experience.

Yes I got my 2 year old 2018 GT as a former lease (personal use) trade in vehicle and it seems like it was serviced routinely for $23K