Adjusting emergency brake

mazda5 GT 2009
The hand emergency brakes on my M5 2009gt needs to be tightened. I found this video on youtube:
Is it really as simple as tightening the screw clockwise? Anything I have to watch out for? Thanks
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
Always make sure your rear brakes are in good shape too. Usually there is something going on. Cable "stretching" can happen...but if you have to tighten it right down, you need to have the rear brakes inspected. The rear brakes being warn to nothing will cause the e-brake to feel like it's out of adjustment.

But yeah, while I haven't done it on this particular car, it's usually that easy.
mazda5 GT 2009
Thanks, will check the brakes. I just replaced rear pads last year so they should be good. Someone suggested to check the cable. Aside from stretching could these cables break and need replacement?


2012 Mazda 5
Also bear in mind the rear calipers don’t operate the same way as the front ones when changing out the pads. The front calipers you just compress the piston with a clamp, and when everything is reassembled they reset their position the first time you use them. On the rear calipers the piston is compressed and rotated at the same time to retract it. Once the new pads are put on you have to pump the hand brake a bunch of times to reset the position of the piston.

You say you had your rear brakes replaced last year..... has the hand brake been loose like this since you did the pads? Granted we’re talking more than five months at this point, so it could absolutely just be cable stretch and needing to be tightened. Still if you don’t routinely use the hand brake it’s possible your rear caliper pistons just haven’t actually been reset into position since the pad change.

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