adding cruise to a 2008 2

mazda 2 sport
hey everyone has anyone had success adding cruise to a Mazda 2 2008 that never came with it Ive managed to get all the parts and fitted them all. But from this point on i am lost, I have tried to use the spreadsheet and i either really don't understand it or just cant get it right can anyone help me with this

all data i have dragged from the ASBUILT website and from forscan i have uploaded to drive if needed any help would be appreciated even if its just an explanation where i could be going wrong.

also have a USB ELM327 that is working great and all files have being saved from the new usb one i had problems with the Bluetooth switch type not reading IC

From the research I've done, it is easiest done with a steering wheel swap. The airbags are not the same so make sure you purchase a wheel with both. From there it is plug n play if I am not mistaken, with the exception of going to the dealership to get the audio controls to work. They have to flash the ECU to allow them to work.

I have done this research primarily for the SWC functionality.

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