Adding a fog light switch to a sport not using the combination OEM

2010 Mazda 5, 91 BRG Miata
I'm trying to add some aftermarket fog lights and I can tap into the harness for the lights by the bumper harness. My problem is I don't want to spend close to $100 on a OEM combination switch when I have a few regular switches that fit perfectly on the left blank spaces. I have tried to figure out which wires to bring in from the column to the switch and I have had no luck with it yet. Does anyone knows which wires are the ones that activate the relay for the fogs? Does it need to be connected with additional wires? Thank you!
2010 Mazda 5
You can get a switch from other Mazda's, protege is what I used, that will fit in the blanks to the left of the wheel.

Then you will need a wiring diagram to know what wires to tap in the steering column.

I used the switch for my after market auto lamps. I have an extra for fog lights when I decide what I want.