A warning /review about "all Car Carpets" in Australia

1972 Mazda 1200 Coupe
When restoring old Mazdas I know some of you guys order from Australia as I do.

I wanted to warn about a very bad experience I had with "All car carpets" in Victoria in Australia.
These guys sent me a carpet that I ordered for my car.

It ended up costing over $400 when I got it here.

I was sure to tell them the car I had and I even phoned them, and asked lots of questions about it before they shipped it.
They told me these carpets were molded from the original floor pans, so I was pretty sure they would fit very nicely.

When I finally got it, the material was very cheap looking right away.
The heel pad was nothing like the original and it was missing the trans tunnel pad.
The original is in 5 pieces and this new one was in one piece.

So I ripped out all the stock carpet and realized the new one was WAY to big and loose to fit.
I was told to trim it to size when I called them. So I spent time trimming off all the special hemmed edges.
This seemed very wrong to me, but I did it anyway. In some places about 6" or carpet needed to be cut away to get the width right.
It didn't matter since the trany tunnel was way too big also. I tried everything and then gave up realizing for sure the wrong carpet got sent.

I was told they would make some of it up to me and return some of my money I sent them pictures about 5 times till they finally admitted they had the pictures.

Spoke to the manager and he said they would do something for me.

I never heard from them again and sent about 10 e-mails begging them not to leave me ripped off with a useless carpet that wasn't even right in the first place.

Nothing. I didn't get a thing back.

I have a 1200 and told them that. I also told them it's the same body as the R100
The carpet they sent was marked 1300 on the back so that should fit I was told. (They say our 1200 is the same as their 1300)
I would say the carpet got marked wrong though.

They know I'm here in Canada so to them it seems to just be a joke.

Anyway, I wanted to share my very frustrating experience with All Car Carpets.

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Why did you order carpets from the other side of the world? Were they super cheap or something? Any good upholstery shop could most likely have set you up. I realize the car is old and rare, but there are plenty of shops out there who could make it look near stock with their own carpet.

I mean if they can do a '32 ford and a '62 Impala, why not a '72 Mazda?

Good luck
1972 Mazda 1200 Coupe
Well Australia is really into old rotaries so I figured they would have the best.

Wow was I ever wrong.

It's over and I lost the money, just wanted to warn others restoring and old rotary.