2016~2021 A/T Tires 255/70r18 (32s) or 265/65r18 (31.5)

Mazda 2 touring
Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of buying stock 18” rims for some A/T tires, looking at 255/70r18 and 265/65r18. I was wondering if anyone here had this setup. Any input would be welcomed.

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While I don't have an answer to you specific tire size question, I would guess there isn't enough room in the wheel wells to stuff a 31.5" diameter (265/65/18) tire on the CX-9. The stock 20" diameter (255/50/20) is 30". Hopefully folks with more knowledge about this will respond and we both can learn something new.
From this calculator I’m coming up with 255/60/18.
Mazda 2 touring
Yeah, I’m trying to squeeze the biggest tire possible. I haven’t seen anyone on here with anything bigger than 30”.


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My biggest concerns would be turning radius and suspension component clearance.

Here is a photo of the front suspension clearance on my car with the OEM 20" wheels.


Adding 1.5" of total diameter to the wheel would put it very close to the spring perch (if not touching it). You could look into wheel spacers to push the wheels out and away from the spring perch, but it looks like you'd need to push the wheels out at least 2-2.5" to clear the spring perch. A 1" spacer on the OEM wheel makes the tire flush with the fender guard, so if you use spacers that are bigger than 1" with wheels that are 1.5" larger in diameter than stock, you run the risk of the tires making contact with the fender guards and possibly the fender lining.

You may need to look into an aftermarket universal lift kit like this one.