A few new 2019 CX-9 owner questions

Hi everyone. I purchased a new 2019 Mazda CX-9 GT yesterday and had some questions to ask the community here :) ... I haven't actually picked up the vehicle yet from the dealership where I purchased the car. The vehicle is coming to them from another dealership tomorrow, after which they'll install 'Mazda Mobile Start' in it (it was a feature I wanted) and then deliver the vehicle to me by the end of this week.

I wanted to ask ..

1) I will try to check the vehicle in general for scratches, dents, etc. when I go to pick it up, but another than that, is there anything specific I should check for before driving it off the dealership ?

2) Is it recommended to buy things like extended warranty, prepaid maintenance plan and/or that small cosmetic defects fixing package at the dealership ? Or can they be purchased later on if needed ?
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1) Check every piece of paperwork. Be sure everything is exactly what they said it would be. That every number is what they said it would be. Expect them to try to cheat you. Do not accept any charge you don't understand and agree with. Be sure you understand every line on every piece of paper. Ask them to check the tire inflation pressure while you're watching. Check the fuel tank level if they promised a full tank. Check everything! Take it for a drive in varying road conditions before you sign the paperwork.
2) NO, NO, NO! There is nothing the stealership sells that can't be bought elsewhere for less, and likely a better version.
--Extended service contract (not legally a warranty). If it'll help you sleep better, buy it on line from any Mazda dealer in the country. They are almost never a good deal. The price is totally negotiable. I've never bought one and never had the need for one. It is really peace-of-mind insurance.
--You can get the recommended maintenance from any licensed auto repair shop--save the receipts. or do it yourself and document it. Your warranty will be 100% protected.
--Don't know about "small cosmetic defects fixing package" except that it is very likely overpriced.
--Your friendly "finance manager" is paid only on commission. If he doesn't sell you one of his overpriced, likely unneeded extras, he doesn't get a paycheck. That is NOT your problem.
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Do not get the Mazda Mobile Start. It is inferior to aftermarket remote starts, and the app is very slow and clunky (unless they already updated it). It does not have a takeover function, meaning when you open the door after remote starting the car, the engine will shut off.

Get a Fortin EVO-One installed instead (with the T-harness so you don't have to do any splicing). This will get you remote start using the OEM key fob. If you want longer range, add a Fortin 2-way remote to the system (good for 3,000+ ft range). If you really want to have remote start using your phone, add a Drone Mobile unit to the system. All of this is superior and should cost less or equal to the Mazda Mobile start. There's plenty of guides on this forum to install the Fortin unit. The Drone Mobile should be easy to install as well.

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