95 929 vipstyle project

92 mazda 929
Howz it fellas, just wanted to share my current project. Second owner, 64000miles all original. Riding on Megan coilovers from a 93 gs and 3000gt parts. And 19x9 and 19x10 ssr wheels. Future plans are bags( just need brackets for the bags) full kit( one off of course) and mod the head and rail lamps with LED ones.


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2009 Mazda3 hatchback, 1994 Mx-6 w/ a turbo, 1993 Mazda 929
I love the white man! Nice drop and wheels too. Those coilovers look like they can go plenty lower. Get those fenders rolled and dump it!
1992 Mazda 929 HD
hey zoomzoom929 nice car I also have a 92 929 that im looking to do a coilover on, could you tell me more on what all you did for the coilover swap? What parts from a 3000gt did you use? Thanks alot
92 mazda 929
I took the front bottom bracket off and replace it with the rear brackets and using the bottom bracket off a 300gt (awd) setup. The top mounts will need a little mod, I just in large the holes a bit.I was able to just order the brackets from a local shop. Have fun with yours! Hope to see some pic too.
92 mazda 929
Quick update..installed air ride system and test fit work wheels and Ray's wheels. Enjoy!


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2009 Mazda3 hatchback, 1994 Mx-6 w/ a turbo, 1993 Mazda 929
The 929 looks SO GOOD slammed. What kind of air ride did you go with? Got any pictures? Curious because there's pretty limited space in front for a regular bag.
92 mazda 929
Chefsp0t: I love how your 929 sits, what side skirts are they? Looks custom.

Air management is by air lift.
Bags are aero sport by universal air.
Bag brackets are aluminum made by a local fabricator.

The fronts barely clear when the bags are aired out and Rubs the arm alitte when wheel is full cocked.
Rears have no clearance issues, but I would like it lower. Maybe use shorter shock like the rx7 ones. (Like the ones you have.

Another thing i don't like is how the front wheels push back when slammed, maybe due to the suspension design? Does yours do the same.


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2009 Mazda3 hatchback, 1994 Mx-6 w/ a turbo, 1993 Mazda 929
Thanks man. They're factory skirts from a mercury sable or ford taurus. I had my FD front lip on the car and I was looking for something similar in style and they're about perfect. Needed to get 3 skirts and use some of the spare one to make the others a little longer. You can't tell unless you're right up on them though. I put the gap right where the door gap is.

Your bag setup looks great! What strut bottoms did you use? FD? Also super interested in the top hats. I modified factory ones for my coilovers but I would love to take that play out by changing to proper strut top hats. That's a bigger bag then I'd be able to fit in there with the camber I'm running. I rubbed the paint off my springs with the spindle.

I've noticed that lowering pushes the wheels back also but it's not very extreme. I'd assume that making the link suspension arms adjustable would probably let you dial that out. I did have my front spindles shortened 2 inches which might have helped with that situation. Mine were knocking on the inside of the strut tower over bumps of any kind.
92 mazda 929
The top hats are 93 gs300 from megan. To fit them I needed to oblong the mounting the holes.

Here is a ls400 front bumper. Not sure the make and style, my plans is to marry it to the stock bumper.


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