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93 Protege radiator fan doesn't turn on and wont start hot

93 Mazda Protege DOHC
I have a 93 Protege DOHC. Condition is slightly above being a beater so I don't want to invest a ton of money in this.

The radiator fan doesn't turn on when it gets hot. I recently replaced the head gasket as well as sensor on radiator (Im told that controls temp gauge on instrument panel) and temperature sending unit on thermostat housing (told that controls radiator fan). As well I changed the thermostat.
I know the fan works because I hot-wired it to battery and it turned on. I also believe my relay is ok because when I turn on the AC, the fan turns on right away whether engine is cold or hot. If I turn off AC when engine is warm, fan turns off.
Also, temp gauge on instrument panel always shows cold regardless of engine temp.

What in the holy-heck am I missing? TIA


crazy tire guy
91 323 dx
There is a temp sensor on the head..one wire hook up..that will be the one you need to replace..