6000K HIDs & PIAA Plasma Ion fogs bulbs


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06 Speed6 & 06 FX35
Here are some night pics. As you can see the road is well lit up. Anything higher than 6000K (these are Xtec D2S bulbs) you won't see as much... less light output. The first 2 pics... no fogs on.

The PIAA plasma ion fog bulbs are very bright yellow. It actually looks nice 'on' all the time... but I only have them on during bad weather.


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06 Speed6 & 06 FX35
Wiggum said:
Do any significant loss of light with the 6K bulbs?

Just a little. Stock will always be brighter. However with me, I don't have problems at night with the 6K bulbs and it looks so much nicer. I want bright white with bluish/purple tint vs. yellow stock... just my taste.
MS6 HID + Foglight Replacement Instructions

Do you have pictures + step-by-step instructions on how to change the HID and fog light bulbs for the MS6? Is it pretty easy to do?