300,000 Mile Club


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The old '88 wagon finally made it just a few minutes ago. 300K on the odometer and she is still going strong. I promised her I would rebuild the engine once she made it this far so it's time to make a little room in the garage for her.



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Sweet, I hope to make it there! If you make it that far I feel Mazda should buy you a new car!


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I could see if he owned it since mile 1.

Either way very cool to have a car to reach that benchmark.


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I can't remember how many miles were on the car when I bought it about 4-5 years ago and I don't know how many owners she has had. I bought it from some crackhead girl for $300 and all it needed was a battery and a clutch cable. I haven't put very many miles on it since it has always been a second car for me and only sees short trips around town whenever I need to haul something that won't fit in the other cars.


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nice, congrats. If my 626 makes it to 100k with the original transmission still intact, it'll be a miracle. other than that, i can see mine running for quite some time.


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Very cool man! Do I hear a possible B6T or maybe even.....dare I say it..... a BPT swap? These wagons are awesome with a little extra power under the hood. :D

My 88 GT is at about 200k. Actual milage is unknown at the moment since two different guage clusters have been swapped in and out of it. Been through 1 headgasket (No headwork/Piston Rings needed, Didnt overheat), now one turbo, but the engine itself is in pristene shape. It will soon be rebuilt though with nice new components for strength and fun..ness.