2810 Miles on 2020 CX-30 and I need rotors!

Hello Mazda Drivers,

I pulled into the local Mazda Service Department this morning with 2,810 on my new 2020 CX-30 because when I applied pressure to the brakes the front end and steering wheel shuddered. All but 200 miles have been driven on the Thruway. And this last trip was the first drive without snow or slush on the road. The service manager called to say that the mechanic test drove and duplicated my concern and they turned the rotors but that didn’t correct the problem and they had to order new rotors. I will discuss this with the service manager when I pick up my vehicle tomorrow. My question is what would cause this problem with so little mileage? Did dirt or debris get in there or were they poorly made to begin with? Thanks for your input. Have a pleasant evening, Nancy
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Could be a variety of things.
Not breaking them in when it was new, or not bedding the pads when new, could be one issue.
Manufacturer defect is another.
Hopefully they are being replaced under warranty.
Once that's done, take it easy for the first few miles. No hard stops if you can avoid it. Let the pads seat properly.
Keep us posted over the next few months and tell us how they are. Good luck.
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The only way non defective rotors could be worn out in 2800 miles is if you were road racing your car at Watkins Glen!

They need to repair that under warranty, 100%. Don't take no for an answer.
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2019 CX5 turbo signature. Bought certified pre-owned in Jan 2021 at 3700 mi. It was previously a “fleet/corporate” vehicle.

thank god for the warranty period, they had to replace my front right turn signal one rear rotor and two rear calipers at around 6700 miles.

Recently two different autozone locations checked the battery and both said it was bad. So I upgraded to an aftermarket optima yellow agm top d35

this is my first “certified pre owned” purchase and thus my first time experiencing the woes/risks of such a purchase

regardless, I still love her and would highly recommend 🥺🔥
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How does a battery go bad in less than two years and 6700 miles?
They should replace it under warranty.
They would replace for a stock batt under warranty, but I wanted a better battery

I even asked if they would reimburse up to the cost of an oem battery, which they wouldn’t, but it’s all good
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My '14 Mazda3 had the same problem. The rear left corner had 3mm left at the 1st oil change (5K). I told the dealer: "Can you tell me how, as a owner, I can make one side wear much faster than the other?" The opposite corner still had 9mm left. She was speechless. She called Mazda corporate and Mazda covered it.

Never happened again. Not sure why.
Dealer did not tell me the root cause, either.
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