245/40 with 18x8 +50: will i rub?

2008 Mazdaspeed3
ouch! goes to show you how much tires vary. even within the same company. im running 245 dunlops too and nothing like what you have.

i think being lowered actually helps a little by tucking the top of the tire in slightly.

Tread wear will suffer along with handling though. Camber links FTW!
Ok getting some rx8 wheels set up. They are 18x8 +50 offset. I am on Cobb springs. Debating between 235/40 and 245/40 tires. Only reason I am really considering the larger 245 size is because they are basically the same price in this larger size...and I figured why not? But I don't want to rub and have to roll the fenders. It's kind of hard to search and get a definite answer on this... as I'm sure a few guys may post they are good with 18x8.5 +40 setup....then later that month they go over a bump with 2 guys in the back and rub. Also, there's tons of different suspension setups. Luckily the cobb springs are not very low in the back.

Anyways, anyone help me out with this?

did you end up with 245s or 235?? How did it work? i am thinking about putting 245/40 on the stock wheels do you think ill rub?


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I have 225/45s on RX-8s. The rear tires touch the front of the fenders on bumps. I suspect yours will be worse.

I running the same....RX8's with Bridgestone 225/45's that I recenty bought. They fill up the wheelwells and look like they'll rub but mine haven't....yet. Of course I've only had a couple hundred pounds in the back.
Noisy fu**ers, too. I thought the stockers were bad, these are terrible. Just means I gotta turn the stereo up
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What would you guys think would need to be done if I ran 18x8.5 and 235/40 if I'm lowered on h&r springs(rolling? Would the rubbing be unbearable ) would you suggest different size tires . Not to familiar with the entire wheel/tire aspect of the car game especially when lowered
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Depends lot on the tire as some have mentioned. I have 235/40 Star Specs and they're wider and more square than most 245 so even more prone to rubbing.
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Ya, I'm 245/40/18 Direzza Star Specs on 18x8 +45 and I had to work on my fenders quite a bit to work out the rubbing... doesnt rub anymore. If I have 3-4 people in the car and hit a bump/dip, it will sometimes rub.


How do you think your setup will comepare to the RX8 +50 on the same tire?

I'm planning on getting some 245/40 Star Specs on some RX8 wheels. I fully understand I will need to roll, but do you think a roll/pull will do it?

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