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225-55-r19 to 235-55-r19

My stock toyos from my 2016 CX5 GT are just about worn out. I would truly appreciate some feedback on ride quality, MPG loss and acceleration from going one size up.

The sidewall would increase from 4.9 to 5.1
The total height would increase from 28.7 to 29.2
The total width would increase from 8.9 to 9.3

I believe the look of the bigger size tire would compliment the CX5 greatly but as I said before, I would thoroughly enjoy your input from real world driving differences.
The tire upgrade I want would ideally be focused around comfort above all. (would have got the 17 inch touring but the deal on the GT was too good to pass up)

Looking at Altimax rt43 (235-55-r19) unless someone can chime in on something more ...comfortable?

Thank you for your time.
2014 & 2019 CX-5 Touring(s)
Ride quality should improve a bit (though it depends on the make of tire). Acceleration will lower a bit due to the increase in wheel/tire diameter and circumference. Top speed might increase, though that's probably wind limited, so I doubt it.

Your Speedo and Odo will be off, again due to the increase in wheel/tire diameter and circumference.
92 MX-3; 18 CX-5
Its great that you have a clear priority: Comfort above all. Because the other concerns (mpg and acceleration) with the slightly larger tire are not going to be noticeable. Theoretically, yes, a bigger tire will have negative impact - but doubt you'd be able to measure because the difference in tire size is so small. Most of the change will be from replacing the OEM Toyo with the General Altimax. Based on a friend and daughter who use the General Altimax their experiences are very good. Many on this forum use these tires and have been happy. They are a great value: as quiet as OEM, better all-season traction than OEM and much longer wearing compared to OEM. There are some alternatives that might be a bit more refined but will cost $30 - 50 more per tire than the Generals. Get these and let us know how you like them.


Mazda CX-5 FWD Touring
The increase in circumference is 1.7% so you will lose performance in acceleration. You will lose traction in the wet due to hydroplaning (lower pounds per square inch on the road). Depending on your choice of tire you MAY get a slightly softer ride but, doubt that would be significant. I Probably would not change size but, would op for a softer riding tire. Ed
92 MX-3; 18 CX-5
Love it. Now that’s enough different from OEM size you might see and feel the difference. I’m guessing that a 255 mm wide tire might recommend a minimum 7.5” wide rim. But it looks good and if no rubbing that’s a nice recommendation.
2019 CX-5 GTR
I was about to walk outside and take more but then I remembered I sold it. I should have taken more pictures of that car. Please don't mind the destroyed wheel, what happens when people aren't paying attention and side swipe you. The last picture is the day I sold it and got my 19 GTR. 255 will fit on the stock rim. You get a little bulge but its not too bad. I ran 36 PSI and never had issues with rubbing or tread wearing unevenly. I can't afford tires right now or the 19 would have the same.


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