2022 CX-9 EV?


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I've been looking at several car reviews online and it seems like everyone is updating their vehicles. Their designs are fresh, provide innovation and look great in my opinion, then Mazda releases the MX-30 EV which looks not up-to par with the competition. If 2022 doesn't bring a new model refresh with some serious tech inside, it's going to make Mazda loose its "entry luxury" status that they've been working so hard to get. Even the Kia Carnival (a minivan) has tons of tech and features that the CX-9 could benefit from.
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The MX-30 EV is a compliance car. Its range is laughable and so are the power figures. They need something for sale in California and Europe, and this is iteration 0. I don't expect them to even offer it for sale widely in the US.

The new RWD platform and inline 6 are rumored to start production next year but there's no official word from Mazda. The initial application is now rumored to be an SUV, so there could be a big update next year. Time will tell.
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A CX-9 EV is not even slightly on the radar at Mazda yet. In fact, it's going to an inline 6 for the next generation.

Right now, like Toyota, they don't fully embrace the idea of full electrification. Japan believes in other solutions. They ultimately will probably be forced in that direction though.

Mazda has stated that anything bigger than the MX-30's battery makes no environmental sense because of the impact of manufacturing large battery packs, like 100 kWh. Many refute this claim of course. Toyota also believes that hybrids make more environmental sense mating small batteries with small gas engines.

In the end, they'll probably have to play catch-up to those going all in on electric right now.


There's also the actual overall demand and infrastructure for EVs to consider (growing no doubt but not an overnight process). Seems to me Mazda is taking a measured approach instead of making grand claims and promises. An approach I think is wise (considering their relatively limited resources).

As for an EV CX-9, eventually perhaps but the "road" to get there is not going to be a direct path...First we'll probably see new and existing models get hybrid powertrains, then EVs with a gas-powered generator (Rotary Range Extender?) and then maybe at some point full EVs only..?

Off topic note...I like the MX-30 (in fact it's growing on me more and more), it's got a unique look and I think having the EV with RRE version would be really appealing.