2021 CX-5 Connected Services remote start

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I'm disappointed that the connected services remote start shuts the car off when the door is open. I'm hoping someone smarter than me can figure out how to prevent this short of an aftermarket system. Otherwise the app is pretty responsive and the car starts reasonably fast.
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It looks like guys with the Mazda remote start that you could add to the previous models were able to disable the door open shutdown by clipping a yellow/black wire on the remote start control module.

Mazda should make this configurable. I've had factory remote start on GMC, Chevy, Jeep, Kia and Hyundai and none of them shut down when a door was opened. They all required the vehicle to be locked before it would remote start.
It would also be nice if one could activate the defrost function with connected services - the old Mazda Mobile Start apparently had this feature.

The only other car we have ever had with remote start is my wife's Subaru Crosstrek, and that also shuts off the engine when the door is opened.
I'm under the impression that the shut-off-when-door-is-open is due to push-button start. Did your GMC, Chevy, Jeep, Kia and Hyundai have push-button? That might be the difference.

On my wife's CX-5 we installed an aftermarket system and requested that the "takeover procedure" be enabled. This allows the aftermarket system to start the car, then hand off control to the key when the brake pedal is depressed. You have 1 min to depress the brake pedal before the car shuts off. No key = car shuts off after 1 min or if the brake pedal is pressed.

In order for this to be programmed, the installer needed both of our keys. Some DIY systems require that you perform a programming step, then send the unit back in to the manufacturer to complete programming. All of this to prevent someone programming their own key to your vehicle.
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Yeah, I’m finding the shutting off of the engine when the door opens to be an annoyance too. That’s got to be bad for the engine and starter. I don’t understand the logic of remote start but then having the car shut down when you climb in. Dumb.

I can’t find anything in the manual about remote start with the FOB. Does anyone know if we have that capability?

I love warming up or cooling off the car 3-5 minutes before I depart my house or office. I’m glad we at least have the app.
2021 here too. Agree that the automatic engine off when opening door using autostart is annoying and unnecessary. Also why not have it on the key fob? It is much easier to use a fob then your phone and how often do you really want to use autostart when not in sight of the vehicle, that is the only advantage I can see with the phone app. Other than for Mazda who can then charge for it when the three year free period expires. And they grandly call it connected services but what else is really connected?
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Does the engine shut off after a preset amount of minutes in case you forgot you remotely started it?
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Does the engine shut off after a preset amount of minutes in case you forgot you remotely started it?
Yes, it’s like 10 minutes.

To the other posts...

Annoying? Yes, kind of. I had the same auto-off thing on my Subaru (but that was remote from the FOB). On one hand it’s nice to just get in and drive off, but on the other it makes sense from a theft prevention point of view. It doesn’t really bother me since my Subie already annoyed me with the auto off thing. I’d like to be able to have it activate the rear defrost or seat heaters, but unlike the Subaru it’s nice for my neighbors that it doesn’t take a minimum of 3 car beeps to start the car remotely (absurd).

Also there was a comment about push button. I drove an Acura with push button and remote start that was “get in and go”. I think I just had to press the start button once. Terrible car, but nice remote set up (also activated from the phone, also an eventual paid-for service).

And that’s where I get a bit miffed here— this idea that the service becomes a subscription after 3 years. Good luck with that, Mazda. They’ll get exactly $0.00 from me on that.

Love my CX5 with turbo, though. Awesome machine.
I've read Toyota has a similar functioning remote start that shuts off when the door is opened. I've read the justification is for theft prevention, but my Honda's remote start works regardless once any door is opened. You have a 10 minute timer from remote start active to push the brake in and start the car. You must lock the doors prior to activating the remote start though.


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In my opinion, they should modify the system in a way, that when the car senses the remote on you(you are in range), it should not shut off the engine, when you open the door.


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In my opinion, they should modify the system in a way, that when the car senses the remote on you(you are in range), it should not shut off the engine, when you open the door.

It seems like this would be an easy, simple solution.
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Bumping an older thread rather create a new one.... I have the Mazda Connect Services for my 2021 CX-9. Agree that the remote start could be better. Wish it would lock the doors, keep the engine running and allow control over accessories,

Our Jeep let’s you set and forget what“s activated when it’s remotely started...... you can choose if seats, heated steering wheel, defrost front / rear come on.

About getting into the vehicle..... My Dad’s 2018 Chevy Colorado has factory remote start. It locks the doors, turns on the parking lights for visual confirmation, and starts the truck. Getting in - you unlock the door, the engine stays running, but to drive off you have to have the key fob, press the brake, and tap the start button and the dash board comes to life and you can drive off.

Hope they upgrade the functionality.
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On a related note, how can you view the car’s tire PSI on the app?
I don't think you can, at least on the 2021s that have the latest infotainment system. On my CX5, I can see that the tire pressures are "normal" but I can't see the actual pressure. (The help files for the app show actual pressures.) I asked about this at some point on this forum and the consensus was that this feature wasn't available on 2021s in the US market. I recall something about 2021s in other markets (like Canada) with the older infotainment system supporting it. This is all from vague memory.

- Mark