2020 GT Right Blind Spot Works 1/3 of time

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This is the mirror adjustment that Davidiot is talking about.


The problem is that we can't expect everyone to use this method because it isn't regulated or enforced. People will adjust their mirrors how they were taught to, or how they want to. Also, in your scenario, having mirrors set up as above, you might be able to see the guy flying up from the right-most lane, but it's a lot less likely. As you say, its best to rely on your own eyes and judgement as the BSM wouldn't be able to alert you in that situation.

Anyway, steering back toward the original topic, hopefully GAXIBM understands the difference between the two systems and how they work. To determine if the system is working correctly, they can visit a dealership and test drive a similar vehicle to see if the "problem" persists on the test vehicle or request a technician ride-along to ensure it is working as designed.


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Worth noting, you’ll have “blind spots” if you don’t have a rear window and are pulling a trailer; or have s*** piled up in your car blocking your view out of the rear and side windows.

Passenger vehicles are designed so that the windows, pillars, and mirrors (when properly adjusted), allow you to see all around your vehicle.

If you are in a vehicle (such as I described) where a vehicle makes it into your blind spot (like when someone is tailgating a tractor-trailer) ... your inattention allowed that to happen. You should have seen it coming, and should then know it is there, and act accordingly, until you see it again.


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I think there is some misunderstanding about how the system works. It takes into account your speed, the speed of vehicles in adjacent lanes, and if they are moving towards you or away. If a vehicle is in your blind spot, the light will come on. If a vehicle is gaining on you and will be in your blind spot within 3-5 seconds the light will come on. If you are passing a vehicle, the light turn off once the other vehicle clears your back bumper if it is falling behind you. If you activate the turn signal while a vehicle is in your blind spot or will be in your blind spot, the light will flash and you will get an alert.

I know that the perameters of the system have changed in recent years but I'm not sure how since I only started working for Mazda in 2017
Back on topic, after working with this a bit more I'd have to say it does have that sophistication. A guy in the left lane coming up somewhat faster but not much was flagged at the back of the detection zone. I had plenty of time to get over. Pretty conservative, which is as it should be. On the other hand, on a merge with a guy parallel and behind to the left travelling at the about the same speed wasn't flagged even though the buffer was fairly small. I'd prefer that reading to be a bit more conservative. All in all, not a bad thing to have as a backstop.


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