2020 CX-9 GT infotainment issues

I recently got my hands on a 2020 CX-9 GT. Car is great aside from some infotainment issues. Before taking it into the dealership, I wanted to check with the folks on here to see if this is a known issue and how to be fix it.

The first issue is audio source switching:
Switching audio sources from CarPlay -> AM/FM/XM/etc. -> CarPlay causes loss of CarPlay audio until I unplug/replug my phone. CarPlay will be on and I can use all my apps, and my music apps will show as if they are playing audio, but the car audio will be in state 2 above (AM/FM/XM/etc.)

Also, switching from CarPlay to XM takes at least a 30 seconds before I can hear my XM stations. Is this normal?
So I did 3 things and it looks like I fixed the strange CarPlay issue:

1. Turn off Bluetooth: Communication -> Settings -> Bluetooth

2. Reset infotainment system: press and hold NAV, back button, and mute until system reboots. This is usually triggered after holding the buttons for ~8 seconds.

3. Reboot iPhone.