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2020 Build Plans For My 2015 Mazda 6!


ABC Garage
2015 Mazda6 Sport
For today’s quarantine friendly content, I discuss what’s left for my Mazda 6 build in 2020 to complete it. The final plans are to add a bodykit, aftermarket wheels, single exit exhaust, black out the chrome and a tune!

Bodykit - MV Tuning
Aftermarket Wheels - I want Konigs, but not married to the idea yet I'm open to other setups
Single Exit Exhaust - Custom Vibrant Setup
Chrome Delete - Black Vinyl Wrap
Tune - DRTuned (I'm currently trying to collaborate with them for the channel to get their services out there)

I’m excited to finish off the build this year. Comment on the video your guys’ plans for your 6 this year :)



Work In Progress..
'18 CX-9 Signature
Which Konig wheels are you considering?

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