2019 Infotainment system Lockups

I rarely if ever use Android Auto but do use the onboard nav system and SiriusXM radio all the time in my 2019 CX-9 GT. Like many here I find the slow system boot up annoying but that's the norm for this vehicle it seems. Once or twice it locked up in the boot up mode and I had to shutdown and restart the car to correct it.

Something new in the past couple of weeks though I've experienced a situation where the SiriusXM radio fails to load all of the stations. I get stations in the 300+ range but nothing lower than that. Shutting down and restarting the car doesn't seem to fix the problem- makes me wonder if the issue is with the SiriusXM satellite network or if the head unit is failing?
2019 Cx-9 GT
I have seen a lock up in boot sequence with a blank screen later. I had to stop and restart the car- quite dismal performance.
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The OS of infotainment system in the 2018 CX-9 is not stable. That or I have a hardware issue.

When I press for “screen off,” the top nav header and clock stay on the screen while the rest is dark. In addition, the nav header becomes frozen on the last street it passed.

Some mornings, it takes 10-15 minutes for the iPhone contacts to load.

I cannot load an iPod via USB into the system... I get the spinning barber pole with “Loading...” and that’s as far as it goes. It has worked before but not for the last year.

Bluetooth disconnections, not picking up iPhone incoming calls, etc... are intermittent.

I’ve had it to the dealer several times and had them try to fix it while getting service. At some point after being “fixed” it starts back with the bugs.

If it doesn’t get fixed this time, I will ask them to look into replacing hardware.

Right now, I’m thinking it’s not a total Info-POS but we’re not far off! Especially after spending several days in a 2019 Ford. That was one of the fastest, most intuitive infotainment systems I’ve ever used.


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We are having issues with the system going to a black screen during CarPlay usage and the system being unusable until the car goes to sleep.
I'm shocked...computers w/ multiple comms, devices and networks routinely have these problems. Commercial, Industrial, makes no difference. The IT electronics in these low-budget rolling techno-marvels is/will be no different. Get used to it, or, stop demanding and paying for all of this non-sense integrated in to a transportation device... ie, a damn car.

Dealer kept it for a week troubleshooting and performing a firmware update. We left the ticket open and took if home to evaluate. Unfortunately it is doing it again.
Meh-Can-Ics....not IT/Automation professionals/engineers.

Again, truly a shocking revelation. If I had a nickel everytime a manufacturer, of anything, stated a 'firmware update' (half-azzed, poorly written, and rarely vetted software) would solve the world's problems, I'd be a millionaire and could retire. Of course, YOU must 'test' whether or not the shot-in-the-dark 'fix' fixed anything. All gremlins are not software related nor repairable by 'updates'. Understand this and you'll begin to embrace why all of this tech in a car is an aggravating, expensive, time-consuming bad idea.

To me it seems like a thermal issue but who knows.
Entirely plausible. However, you are going to have a serious up-hill battle proving it. I had a year-long thermal issue w/ my Kizashi's Rockford-Fosgate stereo, during the second full year of ownership, with its amp located in the trunk attached to the right rear quarter panel. Volume would fluctuate randomly in the summer months, and clear up during the winter, except during the warmer spells like we're experiencing now and when parked w/ that quarter panel baking in the sun. The dealer insisted I had the AVC (speed sensitive Auto Volume Control enabled (no it wasn't and never had been), or, that it was my imagination the volume was fluctuating. Even though I knew it was a thermal issue based upon my experiences and observations over the course of a year, the dealer didn't want to hear it. Finally had to kick it up to ASMC corporate (nicely) so the dealer would play ball...because I then had an ASMC case number to give them and they knew they would be reimbursed for the $1,200 amplifier. New amp solved the issue, but it took over a year to resolve. Not a software (firmware) issue, hardware. The new amp is still working properly after 9 years.

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