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2019 HUD with Polarized Sunglasses?

2019 CX-5 Signature
I have a 2019 CX-5 and find that my polarized sunglasses dim down the HUD a lot. I read one review which claimed the new Mazda 3 HUD was a lot better in this, but would like to hear some real life feedback from people here.
'18 Mazda 6 Signature
I had a '17 Mazda 3 GT with the pop up HUD and now my '18 6 Signature with the windshield displayed HUD. Polarized glasses affected both of them. I could notice a difference from just moving my head, I'm wondering if driving position vs HUD projection angles has an impact on visibility as well.

I've gone back to non-polarized glasses.
2019 CX-5 Signature
I’m resurrecting this old thread as my question is applicable.

My darling wife gifted me a really nice pair of polarized sunglasses, which as you can imagine, has a negative effect on the HUD.

I have tried numerous ways and orientations of polarizing film and transparency paper (for you young folks, that is how we used to “present” things on an overhead projector). I even went so far as to cut the perfect piece of film to fit the HUD screen.

Not surprisingly, it seems as though the actual HUD is a function of the windshield and not what is projected from the small screen in the dash. No matter what orientation I put the film on the screen it didn’t affect what is displayed on the windshield.

Can anyone confirm how the actual HUD works?