2019 CX5 2.5 L Gas Turbo CARB LEGAL Intake options

2019 CX5 GTR
There is a K&N one that has a carb eo number but it’s originally for the CX-9. Which I guess the argument with that is it’s also an suv with same engine and engine bay size. Might be able to make that argument fly of a cop asks. It’s also $360ish. I ended up getting the CorkSport and I am happy with it. If a cop pulls me over for it. It’s a small fix it ticket and 15 mins to put the stock one back in. AEM makes a nice one with an air box too. But no carb number, I don’t think. but it looks close to stock with that one.
2019 CX-5 GTR
@OneLostLlama -- while in the realm of possibility it is HIGHLY doubtful a traffic stop would result in the lifting of the hood of your vehicle AND that the officer would write a ticket for it.
Remember you can refuse consent to the search of your vehicle.

CARB legal is about emissions and testing.

I am not a lawyer and this does not constitute legal advice.
However you can research all the legality here :

--- anyways back on topic

CARB and the testing / inspections that go along with it are really geared towards vehicle manufactures and setting standards for low emissions. Yes individuals in California need to get their vehicle inspected for emissions compliance and yes we have all heard horror stories about those inspections.