2019 CX-9 wouldn't start and bunch of malfunctions

Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Ah...absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are lead-acid batteries. They are not flooded lead-acid batteries. An Optima spiral cell battery is not gel, it is AGM. "An OPTIMA battery is neither a gel battery nor a regular flooded battery. OPTIMA is a SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY AGM battery."

An Optima Red Top (engine starting) Group 35 battery on Amazon is $199 with Prime free shipping. An Interstate flooded lead-acid battery from Costco is $85. It's hard to justify the cost of any of the AGM batteries unless there are special circumstances. AGM is leak proof, very vibration resistant, and somewhat better performance. When I next need a battery, it's off to Costco for me.
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2010 CX-9 GT
The AGM batteries can be made significantly lighter than the traditional flooded type. Some people use them for this reason.

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