2019 CX-5 Turbo, Front and Rear Dashcam

2019 CX5 Turbo, Signsture

Any thoughts on the Vantrue S1 front/rear dashcam system?

I have 20% tint on my rear window, do you think there'd be any reflection issues?

Other recommendations for positioning and hiding cables?


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I have a CX-9 and haven't tinted my rear windshield, but I don't see reflections being an issue. I have the Viofo A129 Duo front/rear dashcam setup. I created a couple of resources documenting my installs that you may be able to get some tips from.

The main thing that was pointed out to me was to ensure that no cables are run in such a way that they cross over any airbags. A cable that crosses over a curtain airbag, for example, can interfere with the way the airbag deploys in an accident. I ran the cable from the front cam down the A-pillar to the base of the windshield, then crossed over the A-pillar and ran the cable back to the rear cam from there. Power for the cam is supplied by the Homelink mirror, which is always "on".
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I ran my cables down the A Pillar, making sure to zip tie the cables to the factory loomed wiring and trim the excess to avoid any problems with the airbag. I chose the safest route to avoid the Side Curtain Airbags, which was going down to the doorsills and then to the rear. The only real pain was running the rear dash cam through the factory looming connecting the Rear Hatch to the body.