2017~2021 2019 CX-5 Transmission/Idling Issue When Coming To Stop (cross post from Reddit)


This is hard one to explain, but I can't seem to find any posts mentioning it.

I recently purchased a 2019 CX-5 Touring (I f*cking love it!), and I've noticed that sometimes when I come to a stop (usually a stop sign when driving at residential speeds), I feel something "cut out" in what I think is the engine or transmission. However, there is no change on the tach (at least not that I've been able to see), and when I put it in manual mode, I don't see a forced gear shift when I feel the "cut out". The car brakes normally and accelerates from the stop normally.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry for the vague description. I'm doing my best to find that factors that reproduce it.

2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport FWD Auto
Depending on how gentle or severe the feeling is, it could simply be the AC compressor cycling on and off. Has your AC been running while you notice this?
Mazda CX 5 Touring
I had a 2016 and now have a 2019 cx5 GT and have felt it also. I've heard it's the torque converter unlocking which I guess it could be. I know the engineers wanted a fast lockup so that may be it. Doesn't worry me!
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
FYI: AC will always be on if you have the HVAC set on defrost...regardless of your AC setting...it's a standard feature. But it's probably the Torque Converter like suggested.