2019 CX-5 Signature vs. Grand Touring Reserve


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I'm torn between the same decision. I like the Red with white leather and also like the additions in the signature.

Given the lack of the red/white combination in the Signature, I'll wait it out and see what 2020 offers. Hopefully some of the extra signature bits will trickle down to the GTR or Mazda will offer the white leather on the signature.

I compared the seats in both and didn't really notice the Signature was more comfortable. I'm actually turned off from the Signature interior as I find everything is too dark (seats, headliner). I find it a sea of black and in the night, you cannot find anything readily if you drop something in the dark.

If you can't wait, I'd go with the GTR for the color combination given you're not so keen about the extras.
Totally agree. I have the same feeling on my black interior and don't like it at all. The Signature with black headliner will be even worse!

There're more people complaining the seat comfort on gen-2 CX-5 than gen-1. So make sure to seat on it for a long test drive and see if you like it or not.
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I find the seats comfortable and no passenger complaints aside from my mom who pretty much complains about all car seats and has pillows wedged into hers. So I always consider that an edge case lol.
I sat in a GTR and then a Sig and it was a no brainer. The Sigs leather fealt so much nicer so went with the Sig. The GTR leather seemed more stiff and like cheap OEM leather. The Sigs 360 degree camera is nice. If you don't care about those two factor then get the GTR since it's cheaper. The other differences are negligible IMHO.
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I think I will do an extended test drive with the Signature and see if the seats are more comfortable and if I actually use/care about the 360 camera/parking assist. I think I like the darker rims on the Signature with the red, but the difference between the rim colors is probably fairly negligible. Given that I currently can't open my Mazda3 driver door from the inside, I think I'll be making my decision in the next week or so...
I'm buying the Signature in red this week. Since you asked for an opinion, I'd never get a light colored seat color because dyes from your clothing will rub off on it over time. And you will not be able to get it off of leather. The light colored interiors are very nice looking, but I always stay away from them.