2019 CX-5 Hood Chip (Machine Grey Metallic)

Hey guys, the day I feared has come, got a nice juicy rock chip after driving on a highway. It's right on a hood, pretty noticeable, has a small dent to go with it. Question for you - if you dealt with a similar issue, how did you go about fixing it up? Through a simple google search I stumbled across this touch up pen option (https://mazdashop.ca/products/premi...-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021?variant=36674024707), however I don't know how authentic it is. My vehicle color is Machine Grey Metallic. Thanks!
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mazda oem color pen with just a very tiny drop to seal it and off ou go till the next one. I got at least 5-6.

p.s the mazda pen is good to seal it and almost same color but the trick is just a tiny bit otherwise becomes a mess.


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The paint pen I got for my MGM paint absolutely sucks. Doesn't match the paint at all, for some reason (maybe I got a couple of bad pens?). It's the Mazda OEM paint pen with the 46G paint code. It has stopped rust from forming, but it doesn't blend in with the OEM paint at all.

I've heard good things about the Dr. Colorchip kit.
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The dents look deep enough that I would want them to be filled with some Bondo and then painted by a professional.

Regarding Dr. Colorchip: I tried it the first time on my Nissan 370Z. The color did not match.
I got a rock chip on the hood of my 2019 Machine Gray CX 5.I bought another kit from Dr. Colorchip. The paint didn't match on the Mazda either.

In both cases I followed the directions to a "T". On the Nissan the touch up was noticeably lighter and on the Mazda it is noticeably darker. Luckily it is hard to see unless you are looking for it.

Dr. Colorchip's recommendation to apply a blob of paint and and then smear it across the chip with your finger in the supplied latex glove is moronic. I had one of those wedge shaped silicone squeegees that comes with a screen saver kit for a cell phone. That worked perfectly to level the paint blob.
For the cost of the Dr. Colorchip kit they should also supply one of those silicone squeegees instead of a latex glove.