2019 CX-5 - best way to clean waffle grill?

When we began to like the CX-5, I immediately noticed on the 2019's they have a waffle grill that looked horrible to get clean if bugs came to be a problem. We bought the car; love it and yup, this grill is bad for cleaning.

How do all of you deal with this? I'm headed out tomorrow to buy a kitchen bottle brush, but have not thought beyond that.

Thanks, Dennis in E WA state.
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Like @bamirault said - a soft bristle brush.

My method:

1) hose rinse with nozzle ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GJIL3KS/?tag=m20b7-20)

2) spray with all purpose cleaner (nice and suddzy) ; wait ~ 2 minutes depending on dirt level

1:1 dilution solution

3) agitate with soft bristle brush

4) rinse / repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 as needed

If heavy bugs then perhaps a product that breaks down the proteins in bugs for removal
i would high suggest as stated above give it a great rinse first. Next if possible, use a good non-ph car soap > foam cannon the grille ( or the whole cx5) > let it work for 4 -5 minutes. Then, rinse...then foam it up again, use a micro fiber mitt...and clean it up - contact wash, also you can use a detail brush /micro fiber towel (small) / do not double dip in dirty water..use only clean towels / have a bunch, once done you can use a drying agent ... best to use a well know spray detail ( or waterless wash/wax) product that is either a polymer or ceramic . Do a couple of little coats...done...and maintain it once every two weeks on when needed...the protection is key ..and it will make the next cleaning so much easier...you may not even have to use a full wash ...just the spray detail/ waterless wash wax ...have fun....
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I don't have that grille, but if I did, I'd soap it up and use a soft-bristled/flag-tipped brush to loosen the grime, then rinse it off. To ensure no water spots are visible, I'd blow dry the grille with an air dryer or leaf blower. I use a Worx WG520 ($60 USD on Amazon).