2019 CX-5 20,000 Mile Review

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Didn’t realize the Escape is now the fastest 0-60 at 5.7 seconds. HP is the same but the Cx-5 has more torque. Guess it’s the 8 speed transmission.
Yeh, I saw that reference in the article, but didn't catch specifics.

So many of these paper differences that are offset by the daily driving experience.
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That was an odd non-sequitur statement plunked in the middle of that Ford article, wasn't it?

Not that I disagree...

Yup. What's even more unusual is the fact that I only read about 5 lines of that full article (mainly around the engine and performance).
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The Escape looks so much like the 1st gen CX-5. Should be called the Ford C-Escape.

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