2019-21 CX-5 infotainment screens

2019 CX-5 Signature
Interested in comments on the quality and utility of the interface on the 7” 2019, 8” 2020 (in Signature) and 10.25” 2021 screens. Does bigger in each case mean better?
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2019 CX 5 GT-R
No, The screen on the 2019 is plenty big enough for the information that is needed and delivered. A bigger screen means it is more obtrusive on the dash and more in your face when driving at night. I often will turn the display off at night when driving a long distance. Just turning the brightness level down doesn't help that much. In fact I wish that Mazda had put a simple on/off button along the top edge of the display bezel to switch the display on or off without having to go through the menu and play with the command knob while driving.
2021 CX-5 White
For the 2021 CX5, the 10.25 inch screen extends to all CX5 trim level variations. The big news, aside from the resolution/screen size I think is the new generation infotainment system which seems to have a totally different interface, and the screen appears to be totally non-touch responsive, everything must be accessed via the commander controls in center console.

To me, the new Gen 7 (?) infotainment is "prettier" and more responsive than the old gen infotainment, but there is a similar cumbersome layer of menus that you have to spend time with to become familiar with so you don't have an accident while driving.

The other interesting thing is that the owners manual refers to two different manuals, one for Mazda Connect infotainment system and one for Mazda Navigation, none of these manuals came with the car.

So I gather these manuals must be online, to account for regional and country variations.

The other interesting thing is that although there is a Mazda Nav SD card in the car (the salesperson made a big deal about putting it in) does not seem to work. I only get compass function. In some respect, due to the CarPlay/AndroidAuto functions, I expect Nav to be used very little unless cell coverage is gone, which can happen in rural areas.