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2018+ NA parts from corksport

Mazda 6 iTouring 6MT
Hey guys,

Corksport is focusing heavily on the turbo version of the 6 due to lack of inquiries. If interested in aftermarket parts for the non turbo 6, please let corksport know.

I've been in contact with corksport over the few parts they have released for the 2018+ Mazda 6 but they are not as interchangeable as you would think. The intake is designed for turbo only, exhaust is designed for turbo only and will be too loud and obnoxious for non turbo models (per corksport rep), lowering springs are for turbo only and will make little to no difference in ride height for non turbo models due to the weight difference (per corksport rep).

Corksport said they want to make the parts, they just need people to voice their concern.

If you have a non turbo 6 and are interested in making some upgrades to your ride, send corksport an inquiry on what you're interested to have, it only take 2 minutes!

Thanks guys!

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