2018+ Mazda6 exhaust sale feeler

I have a 2018 Mazda 6 sport with a custom Racing Beat axle back exhaust that’s in excellent condition that I’m thinking of selling due to my lease ending. Its been on my car since the beginning of this year but I’ve been working from home since March so it probably has less thank 3k miles on it (I only drive 9-10k miles per year).

It’s a Mazda 6 2014-17 Racing Beat axle back with
4 inch double rolled tips, modified to fit 2018+ Mazda 6 bumper since the only difference is the exhaust outlet is 3 inches wider on each side.

I have no sound clips but you can google Mazda Racing Beat exhaust and there’s a handful on there. The second is excellent and mellow, not ricer in any way and zero drone inside the car. It’s noticeable and not abnoxious in anyway.

I paid $450 plus $150 in shipping, since it’s in excellent condition and bolt on ready I think $500 w free shipping seems appropriate depending on where you live. If interested let me know.


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