2018 CX9 GT AWD, lease buy out (extended warranty question)

21 Cx9 Tour Prm
5 year / 60K mile MPP VSA w/ $0 deductible for $2650

Or, I can 'CPO' the car for $2100 which will provide coverage to 10 year / 100K.
That seems like a lot. As others have pointed out, I would put away that 2k+ and fix the car if it ever breaks. 2K is going to cover a lot of repair short of transmission/engine swap.

cx9 isn't a Range Rover known for expensive repairs with needlessly expensive components like air suspensions. I really think you should just sock the money away.
Normally I would not consider an extended warranty as I usually put a lot of miles on my cars. For example, my last car, a BMW E91, went from 0 to 120K miles in 5 years (with zero non scheduled service items).

With the CX9, I'm doing under 10K miles per year and I do not expect that trend to change. So a 10 year 100K warranty would likely last the 10 years.

I agree that the CX9 is not likely to be a money pit. That said, one major issue (for example, a turbo, AWD system, or AC issue) can easily add up to >$2K. Also, I suspect that the transferable warranty would be meaningful to someone buying the car from me down the road.

Having said this, I may just turn the car in as the Q7 3.0T sounds tempting.
21 Cx9 Tour Prm
Now Q7 is a car where you want a warranty ...... LOL. IT is a nice car tho. Few times I was in Audis, I was impressed with their suspension tuning.

Yes, I know we are biased. I do have few friends with Audi horror stories tho. The stories were quite similar. They all loved the car for the first 30k or so and then they all had major component go bad. I know it's only a sample of few, but I only have few friends with audi's and it's enough to scare me away from that brand for now. I also think equivalent VW models may be a better value.

I do love german cars too. I think they are worth the expense as long as you have a budget. We've had BMW's and they've lasted a decade plus, albeit with some maintenance costs.