2018 CX9 GT AWD, lease buy out (extended warranty question)

HI All,

I leased a new 2018 Mazda CX9 GT AWD back in September of 2018.

We like the car and it only has 15K miles on the clock so we are considering buying the car at the end of the lease.

Question for the group: If I buy at lease end, and decide to purchase the extended warranty, how much should I expect to pay? Are extended warranty prices negotiable? Should I go back to the dealer I purchased from or my local dealer (where I'm getting service done).

Not sure what the cost should be, but make sure you look in details at what the warranty fine prints are. Not all warranties are equal, and a lot of dealers try to sell non-mazda warranties (insurance companies backed warranties), because the mazda warranty is either unavailable or because they make a higher cut off of it. Where I live they are obligated by law to disclose their percentage of the cut and the extended warranty they were getting a whopping 40% on the price of the extended warranty they were offering. So the non-mazda warranties at least I know are negotiable.

Things to look for other than the obvious what is covered and what isn't are: , is labor covered, what are the deductible and what is the maximum claim limit ? For example, you may buy a 1500$ for a warranty that has a 3000$ maximum limits and a 300$ deductible. That clearly wouldn't be wort it. (just pulling random numbers to illustrate what I mean).
That’s a pretty good one. You see on page 4 that they mention deductible options. I assume you have the choice between various level of deductibles depending on the price you pay for it. That might be one place where you could negotiate. (Ask for a lower deductible for the same price).

The deductible cost is where the benefits of warranties and insurance starts getting tricky. It is worth it for the engine or transmission replacement scenario, but for things like injectors or power steering the deductible may mean that not that much gets covered by the warranty. I am sure you are already familiar with the concept, just something to keep in mind when negotiating it.
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The 2nd generation CX9 has been highly reliable. There are a few reports of expensive problems (handful of engine replacements) and many non-reports of no troubles. My 2016 hasn't been back to the dealership at all. If you will sleep better after you buy the extended Vehicle Service Agreement (it isn't called a warranty, because it isn't a warranty), then buy it and sleep well. If you'd rather save money and put some aside for an expensive repair that might never come, go that route.

The so-called extended warranty price is totally negotiable. Shop on line for a Mazda dealership that will sell one to you at a great discount price. Start checking before the lease runs out. When you have decided on which VSA is your choice, and gotten the best price, try taking that price to your local dealership. If they'll match it, OK. If not, you already have the best deal arranged. Is there sales tax on the VSA? All the better reason to buy it from an out of state dealership.

Chase Capital Services may be the lessor on your car (you're the lessee). They may sell 3rd party extended service plans. Try other Mazda dealerships for VSA prices.
Interesting; as of August 2020, Mazda's MPP VSA program is just a white-labeled Toyota Financial Services product:

Spoke to a few other dealers. One Business Manager did mention that most dealers were not aware of the new partnership with Toyota Credit Corporation.

Anyway, I got the following quotes:

5 year / 60K mile MPP VSA w/ $0 deductible for $2650

Or, I can 'CPO' the car for $2100 which will provide coverage to 10 year / 100K.

The CPO route seems most interesting as, per the dealer, only additional fee would be a $75 document fee. That said, if there's anything required to CPO the car (e.g. tires, brakes, etc) I'd have to do that first which is understandable.
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Coverage on exactly what? Those years started when the car was first titled, right? And the miles started when it rolled out of the factory. How much will be left when you buy the car? The car already comes with a 5-year, 60k factory (real) warranty on the powertrain, the expensive stuff. $0 deductable. What, exactly, would you get for the $2650?

Try Troy Dietrich at http://fd-warranty.com/index.html Many Toyota owners have gotten very good VSA pricing from him. I don't know if he can offer the Mazda product.

Just me...I'd rather have the $2100 in my bank or investment account, ready if needed, but probably not needed.
To echo PTGuy, the car powertrain is already under a 5 year warranty. So for 2600$ this only buys a 2 year warranty for the remaining stuff. It is pretty unlikely that you would end up having more than 2600$ repair of non-powertrain and non-wear items.

The CPO route seems like an interesting take on it. I don’t know how inclusive it is but at least that would extend the warranty on your expensive powertrain components. (I think, i would have to check the fine print).


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I would pass on the 5yr for 2650. CPO seems interesting but as mentioned, you'll want to look into exactly what is covered, and if there are any requirements to maintain that coverage. One example I've seen is that the coverage is rendered void if service is performed anywhere outside of the selling dealership (which forces you to pay dealership labour rates, fees, and parts prices). Additionally you may want to see if the CPO is transferable in case you want to sell or gift the car in the future.
Per the dealer, the MPP VSA that is associated with the CPO provides coverage identical to the original 3/36 bumper-to-bumper. That said, I've not reviewed fine print...
That would be almost too good to be true. Another owner on here had a CPO warranty that extended the bumper to bumper for 1 year past original 3 year warranty and a 7 year powertrain warranty.

Yours may be different since they said it is 10 years but it is probably set up in a similar fashion ( an initial period for Bumper to bumper And then a 10 year powertrain. ) Let us know.
I did what PTguy suggested for my '19 Sig when I bought it new earlier this year. Got multiple quotes - mostly on line - for a Mazda 96 mo/100K/$100 deductible plan. Werner Mazda was most competitive. I took it to my local dealer and they matched the $1200 price. You might try a few emails or calls.
I did what PTguy suggested for my '19 Sig when I bought it new earlier this year. Got multiple quotes - mostly on line - for a Mazda 96 mo/100K/$100 deductible plan. Werner Mazda was most competitive. I took it to my local dealer and they matched the $1200 price. You might try a few emails or calls.
Thanks for the tip. I'll try that.