WTB: 2018-2020 CX-9 20inch OEM rims

2020 CX-9 Touring
Hi, I am a 2020 CX-9 Touring owner, living in Sydney Australia. I want to upgrade my 18 inch wheels to the GT/Azami/Signature 20 inch OEM/stock wheels.

I am also open for trade or swap for anyone who likes soft driving. My car currently just has 3000 km with no scratches on the rims.
2020 CX-9 Touring
Are these the wheels you're looking for?

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If so, there's an ad on Australian Gumtree for a set.
Thanks for your reply. I have contacted this seller, a very nice guy.
However considering my car is a new one, I prefer a set without any scratches.
BTW, this seller has smaller tires on rims, which is a great deal for CX5 owners for that price.