2018-2019 Mazda 6 Cabin Noise

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Hey everyone

I currently own a 2015 Mazda 6 and I am considering swapping it for a 2018 Mazda 6 Signature.

One of my 2 biggest complaints with my current car is the ridiculously loud cabin noise. I know with the new-gen 6, Mazda tried to address that a bit. It's hard to really get a gauge of how quiet/loud the car is from a few test drives because you need to own it and drive it in many conditions to really know.

Can anyone with a 2018-2019 Mazda 6 say if they've really improved on this? Is it still an issue for you? Ideally, I would love the opinion of anyone who had the last-gen Mazda 6 and now has the new one to give their insight but any opinions are appreciated.
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I can only tell you that, in term of noise....

'14 Mazda3 (similar to your '15 Mazda6) < '16 Mazda6 < '17 CX5 (similar to '18 Mazda6)
"<" means *worse*/*noisier* than
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The big step in noise reduction came with the 2017 model. Each since has made incremental improvements
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I had a 2010 3 - brutal noise, wind and tire noise.

Went to a 2017 3 hatch. Much better on summer tires. Still noisy on winter tires (that's a given).

Had twins, traded my 3 hatch in for a minivan. Took over my wife's 2017 CX-5. Was much quieter than the 3. Way quieter than I was expecting.

Like the CX-5, but it was only a touring. And I like cars... Found a deal on a very lightly used '18 6 signature and wife let me trade in. I have no noise complaints. As noted above similar experience as the newer CX-5 in terms of cabin noise levels. Current winter tire setup is probably a hair quieter than the CX5 was, but I think I've also got a better tire on this then we had on the CX5.

That's about all the input I can provide. I'm in my car typically for 2+ hrs per day and 150-200 km mixed driving.
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Thanks everyone, especially Studum - this is great first-hand insight.
Was in discussions to purchase the 18 Signature as I mentioned. Dealer in Toronto had it for 32k - dealer in Quebec had it for 29k. Quebec dealer offered me 3k less on my trade-in compared to Toronto, so the savings on the car cancel out with their low-ball offer.
Since then Toronto lowered their price down to 31k. I'm in no rush, so maybe in the next month or 2 they will become more desperate to move the car and lower the price even more. Let's be real, the chance of any dealer selling a new-gen Mazda 6 right now is so slim...
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The 2019 6 signature I just bought is acceptably quiet in the cabin. Its not objectionable at all. They did a pretty good job making it a good place for a long road trip in terms of road noise and interior comfort.