2017 Transmission Fluid Flush and Coolant Flush

2016 CX-5, 2017 Mazda6
At the dealer and they said they recommend the transmission fluid and coolant to be flushed every 30k miles, I have 36k miles currently, looking at the manual this seems like complete BS as they recommend coolant at 120K miles and no transmission flush.

Are they just trying to fleece me or are they correct? Not doing coolant today as I don't think it's needed, I did do transmission as some searching did find people saying to do it 30-45K still.

Just looking for what everyone thinks.
Ottawa, Ontario
17 Mazda 6 GT
Dealer BS. Cash grab pure and simple.
I wouldn't be surprised if they actually didn't do it.
Were you there to see it done, or did they take the car out back, out of sight?
I've been ripped off like that before, which is why I insist on seeing the work done.
If they don't allow me to be there while they do the work, I take my business elsewhere.
I wouldn't do a transmission flush regardless of what they say.
If you do something, then do a drain and fill only.
(former) 2006 Mazda 5 M/T
I would do a drain-and-full in the transmission (up to three or four in quick succession) and perhaps a filter change & pan clean-up at this time of it was my own car and I was doing it myself. I would NOT do coolant now, and I would NOT pay anywhere near what they charged you for a *flush.*
2017 Mazda CX-5 GT, 2016 Mazda6 iGT, 2014 Mazda3 sGT hatchback
Transmission fluid drain-n-refill and coolant flush both are not mandatory by Mazda.
There is no replacement schedule on the fluid or coolant.
Inspect and replace if necessary only.

However, I do 30k/45k/60k transmission fluid replacement.
Every drain-n-refill, it only gets to 1/2 of the fluid. So, you need to do three times to get to 7/8 of the fluid.
It is really up to you. There is a kit that is also listed on your receipt.
That said, my local dealer only charges around $180.
This is under Bay Area high living cost. So, the $240 your dealer charged you is way too much, IMHO.

I won't do coolant flush unless there is a reason to.
Maybe at 80K or 100K, but I usually do not keep vehicles that long.