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2019 GTR
Hey all,

Just curious what issues you've all had on your 2017+ CX-5? We currently have a 19, but other than the cylinder deactivation (if It's even on the turbo model) I don't think there's that much of a difference between the parts in all 3 years. So, I'm just curious what issues you've all run in to, and what it's cost to replace/repair that issue?

Thanks much!
2019 CX-5 GTR
^^ this!


CD could be cylinder deactivation

CD could be compact disc

I am also confused.. your post states you have a 2019; but your profile here says 2017.

Previous questions about extended warranty

You are asking a broad generic question about repairs and costs.. but with ~410 posts, you have been involved in MANY threads that discuss repairs and associated costs. I guess I am confused what are you trying to get out of this thread? Are you still trying to justify the cost of an extended warranty to yourself?
2018 AWD GT Premium Red/Black
#1 thing I would change about the car is to have a physical "pause/play" button on the steering wheel. It drives me crazy, but is also very minor complaint about an exceptional car. Other complaints are also mostly minor.

I guess, bigger than that is they'd promised the diesel, and that's what I planned to get, but then it never came. Eventually I bought a 2018 AWD GT with PP. Diesel was late, over-riced, under delivered on specs and only available with brown on black interior color scheme. Don't know how that got mapped to the highest trim.

Towing capacity meager (1000lbs unbraked, 2000lbs braked), even with the turbo that produces more low-end torque than the diesel which is rated at 3500lbs I believe.

Can't get turn by turn on Head Up Display using Android Auto (android auto is great when it works)

Terrible K band radar pollution, presumably from blind spot monitoring.

Blind spot monitoring works well, and good cues, except it persists too long after passing a car.

Built in voice control and Nav are nearly useless unless you know the address you are trying to navigate to. Search is terrible. Takes too many clicks to initiate nav. (Android Auto is excellent though so I never use it)

Takes too long to boot up the infotainment. No clock during the whole process. Can't do anything while reversing.

Spare tire diameter is too small, even though there is space for a full height tire in the well. I spent a couple hundred to piece together a full height one.

Finicky transmission fluid level measurement, requires additional equipment.

Strange fluid capacity specs relative to the amount required for drain and fill procedures.

Lots of folks experience noisy rear brakes.

AC takes a while to cool. Seems to create icy and hot zones if vents pointed at you. If pointed away, defeats the dualing climate zone concept - say hypothetically you like to be cool and your wife likes to be hot.

A mouse standing outside the closed and locked car can get inside, including in the glove box, and and air ducts. Lots of hiding places :(

The right armrest is too low and back.

Transmission logic is excellent, except trying to punch it to merge into traffic from near stopped often isn't in lowest gear. Maybe conditioned by my mostly pretty casual driving style.

Red paint difficult to match, easy to flake, don't sell pre-painted eyelet covers.

The gloss black plastic trim scratches quickly and looks poor. Lots of crumb catching seams.

The engine doesn't sound very good, especially cold (coming from Honda/Acura).

The maintenance reminders interface is quirky and unnecessarily ambiguous/complicated.

The rain sensing wipers don't wipe as soon or often as I'd like (I think I'm an outlier in preferences). Would be nice to be able to link rear wiper to front wiper cadence.

In spite of what some Australian reviewer says, it would be nice to know when the cylinder activation is on.

The mileage summary app does a poor job of graphically or numerically representing the information in a meaningful way. Also wish it could maintain lifetime fuel mileage specs. I managed to keep trip B un-reset for a long time, but either accidentally reset it, or perhaps it got reset on the Android Auto upgrade.
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2019 CX-5 GT Gray
No CD player in my GT is about the only aggrevation that I've had.
I did a step by step process for ripping your cd's to a flash drive. I have over 30 CD's on my flash drive and use an extension cable, so it sits in the bottom of my center console. This was done in Win 7 but it's the same process in Win 10 media player.


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