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2016 Mazda Cx-5 Bose Edition Stereo Replacement - is it possible?

1st, I have replaced Stereo's before. With a little patience and reading the wire manual, it is not that difficult, just takes time.

With that said, I purchased a Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX from Curtchfield and purchased their fitting wire harnesses they recommended (Which is the Metra Elec 70-7903 Wiring Harness). I also got the steering wheel controls and some other parts, but that is not important for this thread.

Received stereo and parts, took out factory headunit (super easy) and found that the connections do not fit the Metra 70-7903. The Metra 70-7903 was much too large for this unit (see pictures for details).

Did research on CarID and they offered a different wiring harness (carid (dot) com/metra/aftermarket-radio-wiring-harness-with-oem-plug-mpn-70-7552.html?singleid=4732211&url=79841345). ordered, received, does not fit.

Went to car stereo shop, again, they did their lookup and found Metra 70-7903 but when they looked at the headunit, they confirmed that wire harness will not fit.

Pretty lost at this point. Just looking for anyone who knows how to fire this Headunit connections to any replacement stereo. If it is not possible, then it is not possible and ill return my Pioneer.

I have pictures from my unit and some I got off the internet and other posts.


Below are the connections I am having issues with.
Left-controls the CANBUS/CAMERA
Right-Controls the Setero (which is the problem child)
16 CX-5 Tour'ngAWD
Will your Pioneer play nice with the Bose amp or are you going to bypass the amp? Then what about the Bose speakers and their funky impedances?
Mazda CX-5
Well, the first question is, what are you trying to do? the Mazda head unit is not that bad. Mazda USA told me the Blose "tuning" in in the power amp. Better sound will come from a new multi-channel amp and new speakers.
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