2016 GT / Bose / Front Door Speakers

2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD
I'm tired of having to periodically take the Blose "woofers" out of the front doors and repair them when the cones detach yet again (truly awful design btw). I'm long since outside the factory warranty, so I'd like to replace them with something better quality.

I've already replaced the front L/R and Center, and rear pillar speakers, with Infinity Ref-3022CFX. The rear door speakers have been replaced with Infinity Ref-6522EX. I've also installed a Kenwood KSC-SW11 sub under the driver's seat. Much better sound than the stock setup.

I've read various threads and I see the Earthquake Sound SWS-8Xi and Infinity REF-FLEX8S mentioned, but no real input on how satisfied people are after installing them. Ideally I'd like something that's a relatively easy installation rather than having to drill the doors or fabricate adapters / spacers.

My questions then are:

- Has anybody who has installed the Earthquake Sound or Infinity woofers got any longer term feedback please?

- How was installation? Anything custom required?

- Any other possibilities for shallow mount, 2 ohm (can be 1 x 2ohm or 2 x 4ohm voice coils) 8" woofers that are easy to install?